First Look Of Google Pixel 3: Impressions and Expectations!

With Google announcing its duo of flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones yesterday, many of you are probably wondering when will they arrive in your home country and at what price.

Unfortunately, availability remains a big issue with the Pixel phones even though the lineup has matured and it’s now in its third generation.

Pre-orders have already started in all markets to get the phones, except for India and Taiwan.

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While the hardware design and general sales pitch hasn’t changed much, Google is talking up the evolutionary software aspects, with more AI smarts, especially in the cameras, with Top Shot choosing your best photo through algorithms, Night Sight, which promises better low-light shooting and even Super Res Zoom, which taps AI to enhance the quality of images shot through digital zoom.


It has a big, color-rich OLED screen, yet one-hand-friendly dimensions and a fairly reasonable price. This makes it the perfect size for most people looking for a new Android phone without stretching their grip or their wallet.  

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The major difference between the Pixel 3 XL and its smaller brother is a notch. The bigger version inches the screens closer to the phone edges, while the Pixel 3 goes for a bit more bezel to cram in speakers and cameras.

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Both phones are larger than last year’s models, with the Pixel 3 at 5.5 inches and the Pixel 3 XL at 6.3 inches.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will be Google’s third time at bat against hardware rivals such as Apple, Samsung and Amazon.

Google unveiled its first Pixel phones in 2016, signaling the company was investing more in its own branded hardware to compete with Apple and Samsung in the premium segment.

It’s now one of the premier Android smartphones despite a deeper bench of phone makers in the market.

The Pixel 3 will start at $799 and £739 while the XL starts at $899 and £869. The Pixel Stand, a wireless charger that works with the phones, will sell for $79 and £69.

US residents can preorder the phones now with shipping starting on Oct. 17. People in the UK can preorder now with phones arriving Nov. 1. More markets will be added Nov. 1.

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