Best Yoga Mat Reviews of 2018

Important fact: all yoga mats are not created equal.

There are countless types of yoga mats on the market, however when it comes to choosing one, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each, and make your evaluation based on your needs.

The variety that are thin, lightweight and perfect for the yogi-on-the-go may not provide the cushion needed for your limbs and joints if you topple over in class.

Still, others are ideal for specific types of yoga while some focus on their materials friendliness to the environment.

We’ve done the dirty, sweaty work for you and scouted some of the best yoga mats we’ve seen so far.

Some of them are on here because of their quality, while others have an outstanding value. Here’s what we recommend:

Clever Yoga Better Grip Mat

Pros: This mat is made out of 100% recycled TPE materials that’s resistant to UV rays, so you can enjoy yoga in the outdoors without risk of sun damage. It’s also lightweight and among the more inexpensive variety of mats.

Cons: Since the surface is also water-proof, it may not be best for strenuous activities such as hot yoga as it might cause slippage.

Gaiam Sol

Pros: If you’re worried about odors, this is a great mat for you to use. It’s PVC design is perfect for keeping out bacteria that causes your mat to smell, making it perfect for the yogi that likes to practice a few times a day but doesn’t want to have to constantly clean their yoga mat.

The coating is considered stay-dry, and it’s sticky to give you a better grip.

Cons: The gripping material makes it difficult to transition pose-to-pose, potentially interrupting your flow if your used to quick and nimble movement

The Balance From Go Yoga

Pros: This s a great mat for those just getting started, because it is less than $20 and a good way to get going.

This mat can also be used for basic exercises, as it is thicker than many yoga mats and offers the support you need when working out.

Cons: Over time, may deteriorate and leave hand/foot indents

ZURA High-Performance Towel Mat

Pros: One of the most eco-friendly mats, made from materials that are completely natural and non-toxic.

It has a unique microfiber top layer is sweat-absorbent, making it a yoga mat + towel combination so the more you sweat, the better it grips. It’s one of the few mats out there that is machine washable, plus they have 11 unique, vibrant designs. Also comes with a strap.

Cons: May fade if left out in the sun.

Manduka Pro

Pros: Extremely durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if you do a lot of yoga, the price is worth it.

The closed-cell technology makes it antibacterial while its sticky surface makes it a great mat for regular hot yoga classes.

Cons: May be too heavy for travel; has a high price point.

Jade Harmony Professional

Pros: Has excellent grip and made to last. They’re also friends of the environment: for every mat purchased, they plant a tree.

Great for moderate to vigorous activity, comes in a variety of lengths too, and is also relatively light.

Cons: Gives off a rubbery smell that eventually fades, and dye on the mat begins to deteriorate after extensive use.

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