Is it worth upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone XS / XS Max?

The wait is finally over.

Apple has launched the latest iPhone – iPhone XS / XS Max & iPhone XR.

This time they introduced the biggest iPhone, the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5 inch screen with the starting price of $1,099, higher than the starting price of iPhone X which was released last year.

Let us take a quick look at what specs and features the new iPhone are packing.

iPhone XS and XS Max specs:

  • Display Size: 5.8-inch (458ppi) and 6.5-inch (458ppi) with OLED HDR display
  • A12 Bionic chip: 7 nanometer processor which will launch apps 30 percent faster than 2017 iPhone
  • Dual SIM availability support in China while Apple’s eSIM standard will be followed in rest of the world
  • Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 512GB
  • IP68 water-resisting: rated for up to 2m for ten minutes that holds for water, wine, orange juice and beer, apparently
  • Rear Camera: Dual 12MP and telephoto lenses
  • Front Camera: 7MP will bring depth to portrait mode photos
  • 3D Touch pressure-sensitivite screen
  • Face ID tend to work faster than iPhone X
  • Battery: XS claims to give 30 minutes more than iPhone X; XS Max provides you 90 minutes longer than X
  • Colors: gold, silver, and space gray
  • Pricing: XS starts at $999 for the 64GB option and XS Max starts at $1,099 for same storage option

The iPhone XR – The lower league iPhone?

On the other hand, where XS and XS Max are in the league of expensiveness, iPhone XR is the lower-end Apple has provided this year.

iPhone XR comes with 6.1” screen size which is a liquid retina display. Coming with 7nm A12 Bionic chip, iPhone XR is claimed to be having fastest processor.

XR has 12MP wide-angle rear camera and 7MP front shooter same. Though camera specs are same, the quality has been improved.

So, is it worth upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone XS / XS Max?

It depends on your preferences.

Price Comparison

If you need a larger screen, then yes, it is worth upgrading to iPhone XS Max.

On the other hand, if the screen size isn’t that important for you then there aren’t much reasons to justify the starting price tag of $1099 and even more in some other countries.

The iPhone XS Max has a better chip, water resistance, and slightly improved Face ID and battery.

It also comes with 512GB of storage (a lot), but most people won’t use that much. The iPhone XS Max is $99 more. If the iPhone X is doing a good job for you, then stay with it.

If you want a bigger screen (it’s huge, biggest on an iPhone and bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus), then that’s a reason to upgrade.


Whether it’s worth or not is depending on your financial situation, opportunity cost, needs, wants, etc. No one can answer the question for you better than yourself.

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