iOS 12 Review: Should You Update?

Apple has introduced a new operating system iOS 12. As a substitute for iOS 11, it certainly comes with some improvements that give the best performance to your device. There are some special features on iOS 12 that will make your device more sophisticated and user-friendly.

Image by  Jason Cipriani/CNET


Apple announces that iOS 12 will be faster than iOS 11 even more for older iPhone model users such as the iPhone 5s and above. This means that the apps in your device will load 40 percent faster than iOS 11.

Siri Improvements

There are some improvements to the Siri with an introduction to the shortcut Siri. If you say, “Help me relax,” it can start playing music and dim the lights. Siri has a memory that lets it understand you like the example you like to drink coffee in the morning, so it will suggest a coffee shop that you always drink.

Notification management

At last, you will get a group notifications as you can see on most Android devices. If you have a lot of irrelevant notifications, you can press the notification and determine whether it is relevant to appear in the notification slider.

Image by The Verge

‘Do Not Disturb’ Time

You can set the time to activate do not disturb mode. For example, you are watching movie in the cinema, you can activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for 2 hours and then do not disturb mod will deactivate again.

You can also hide notifications if you activate do not disturb at your bedtime.

Augmented Reality

Apple continues to charge forward in making AR (augmented reality) a thing. This time, it comes with an ‘Measure’ app to measure materials using your camera. Most interestingly, if you move the camera towards a picture on the wall, it will continue to provide the size of the image i.e height, width, and area.


Like the features available on iPhone X devices, this time Animoji comes with some improvements such as new animoji of panda, tiger, t-rex and ghosts. Animoji recording has been upgraded to 30 seconds from 10 seconds before. Animoji can also respond to your tongue, eyebrows and mouth movements. Most fun, you can design animoji that can resemble you.

Group Facetime

Facetime is not a new innovation as we know it’s on Skype and Google Hangouts. But for 10 million iPhone users, it’s definitely a highly anticipated feature. This time, it has been upgraded up to 32 people simultaneously.




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